Genre, Gender and Print

On 13-22nd April 2021, WINK members will participate in a roundtable at the Renaissance Society of America (Virtual) with a discussion entitled “Genre, Gender, and Print: Can Early Modern Women’s Writing Change the History of the Book?”
This roundtable addresses the ways in which early modern women who cultivated ‘sub-genres’ such as ephemera, miscellanies, devotional poetry, life-writing, or polemics contributed to developments in book format, content lay-out and typeset, paratexts, print runs, translations, promotion, price listings, or copyright. From women’s poetry embedded in expensive editions of major epic poets to nuns’ biographies and professions, we seek to elicit discussion on how the variety of ‘minor’ genres by and on women impinged on the production, circulation and reading of books from the early modern period.

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